About Me

Artist's Statement

During my 35 year career I have worked in the
field working with metals. I occasionally welded
gifts for family members and friends, but
basically viewed welding as a job but nothing

My perception changed on 3/10/08 when my
wife and I were notified that our only son was
murdered in California on Venice Beach. With
the stress from this, along with the stress from
work….. sleep was nearly impossible.  So after
a while I ended up in the shop during those
restless nights.  It was then that “Welding”
began to ease some of the grief and my
creativity was awakened and I began to
transform into an artist and metal sculptor.

As I began to create metal art I found
that I wanted to create unique pieces of
and non-functional art.

Each one of my pieces is individually designed,
shaped, welded by hand and is a challenge I
enjoy. Every piece is truly an original, and no
pieces are alike.

I started making western style rustic pieces and
have also
been making sculptures and jewelry.

The best thing is being able to create
something out of
nothing, and making people happy
with my art.

My pieces are great for the
environment and have been
constructed mostly with re-claimed