Every item is available for order.  Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery
as each is hand crafted just for you.  No two pieces are exactly alike and
each piece is signed and stamped with a number.  
#85 Old Man
Bearded Man  
measures 2ft x 4ft
aprox. #306
Metal tree measures
16 in x 26in aprox
This measures aprox 8ft tall
and 36 wide. #302
The global star #306
The old steel Cross #307
Sun Burn #2
Coffee Table Made from Aircraft Landing Gear
This is "FACES" its a 17ft tall totem
pole with faces on it.
The   DOOR

Hanging in the Balance

Autumn Sun
"LUNA"   Kinetic Sculpture
"The Fence"
Custom Starz Sculpture

This is a beautiful custom sculpture made with re-puposed I beams and stainless steel parts!This would look good inside or outside!